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--- Quote from: falcon on March 21, 2012, 03:38:40 PM ---Nice write-up Pawan.  6 years? Wow that's huge!

--- End quote ---

Woah, Falcon you are here in the journals!! What a pleasent surprise. Yeah I know it's been a while. I remember end of 2005 was when I started watching tennis and was doing everything I could to get my hands on a few videos - mainly to learn from. And I found the ESPN forums and then who should show up there but Scott, advertising this place and the videos section here was awesome and the people even awesomer and I was hooked! Time flies when you're having fun na?

I do read stuff  ;-()

I've been here for more than 3 years now. I have always been posting on and off, but I do hope to stay around. It all depends on how exciting tennis is for me.

2 Weekends, 2 PRs: 5k @ 21:52, 8k @ 36:49. Fairly satisfied.

Wonder what a realistic expectation would be for Big-Chill 2012 5k in December. That's like the big race that I'm building towards, it'll mark 1 year of serious training and racing.


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