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Learning from the pros
« on: February 04, 2007, 04:17:37 PM »
Ok so here we go again with one of my dead end posts. But my question is: How much can you learn simply by watching a pro tennis game a few times? Like clearly, assuming none of us here are ranked in the top 50 in the world.. we are far from perfect and we see in every match people who are eons ahead of us, and we watch them and we marvel at them, but how much can we practically learn and improve our own games from watching these matches?
My personal experience with learning from watching is extraordinary.. I think I doubled my playing efficiency over one winter of just watching some clips and such on youtube.. perhaps I was just THAT BAD that anything was a step up for me but even now when I see a rally going on in the highlights or something special i slow motion it and watch it several times and implement it the very next time i step on court... and it has'nt failed me. What about you?
And how far do you think this can get you - obviously the pros are at the pinnacle of tennis skill mountain and if you watch them well enough you should be able to learn the things at the top right? is it enough to get you somewhere? Do you really need say a coach to work just on your forehand where you can simply watch tons of federer vids and have a friend feed you the ball and practice?

Secondly..  what do you like about the Men's and Women's games seperately. I guess its enough of a reason to say you watch the men for the tennis and watch the women for the girls.. but honestly.. what particular things do you like about those two. I'll give my own answer as an example.. I like the Men's game purely for entertainment and just to be awed by the speed, power and all that. I mostly watch only men's (all i watch is highlights and such anyway..)  for this reason because I mean this is the field I am dealing with (well not that level but a few steps below..) So its sort of an insight into what a good competition for me will  be like if i am in the semipro level or something like that. Women's game on the other hand.. is, in my opinion and most would agree.. very very slow compared to men's. And this might not make it fun to watch for some but I find it a LOT more helpful when I look at it from a learner's point of view. You can see the play in slow motion and analyze everything.. how the point was constructed how it was finished, what were the good things what were the bad things.. you can learn a very good serving motion if you dont have of yours by watching them.. so its like  a men's game cut open and slowed down. This is especially true with Hingis and people like her. And thats why I like watching women's tennis of people like Hingis and Hardene to actually learn things.. I find it rather disconcerting to watch the likes of Serena and Sharapova scream their way into victories - but thats their style and they play hard and deserve all the titles they win, just not what I prefer to watch.

So any thoughts.. I think these were pretty decent thoughts on my part..  :a)

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Learning from the pros
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2007, 09:40:37 PM »
Not a dead post, not even close.  :)

I enjoy watching Hingis work her way and her opponent around the court.  Reminds me of a game of chess.  She always knows where to be and where to hit.  If she could hit the ball just a bit harder she could have a real shot at the #1 spot again.

As far as watching the Men, I think like you, I watch for the entertainment.  Watching Federer is just plain insane.  Never before has a player been able to make me laugh out loud after they hit a shot, but Federer makes me laugh a lot.  The things he is capable of are just out of this world.

As far as an instructor vs watching the pros and slow motion clips of the pros, I think the instructor is needed in most cases.  I think they will be able to help your overall game in several ways.  Watching clips of Federer is good, but having a pro break it all down for you for things you might not be aware you are or aren;t doing can be critcal.  I always rcommend lessons if you can swing it.

Tom V @ wrote an article called something like "Learning by watching the Pros on TV".  I am sure it is burried in his archives somewhere either in the Lesson Lounge on my site or somewhere on his site.  Great guy...

I think there are a lot of things you can learn from the pros though.  Watch Hewitt's footwork, it is amazing, Clijster's defense or even Federer's.  There are always things you can pick up on. Strategies, etc...
Good Luck on the Court!!!
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