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This is a good one from times past.

It's an okay article.  I like Serena's catwoman outfit as well as Hingis's fashion sense.  I'd agree with all of his other assessments.  Why didn't this guy show pictures of good fashion sense?  

Personally, I don't like men's collection for nike unless andre wears it.  He's the only player who makes Nike look good.  They have some good stuff but it only makes up 15-20% of their overall stock.  Their shoes are hella expensive yet tear so easily.

I'd say Adidas, Sergio Tachinie, or Diadora have the best tennis clothing.

I didn't mind the first one they showed Serena in, and I thought the Hingis one was perfectly fine, as well as Borg's.  But some of the others cracked me up, must have been the commentary.

The Dog:
Anne White's bodysuit - at WIMBLEDON of all places - trumps all.

The white outfit was funny since they wouldn't allow the outfit because the neckline was to low.  :)


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