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20,000 in a row!


No no, not 20,000 posts in a row for me.  But two pros in CA want to hit 20,000 balls in a row to break the old record of 15,000+.  Amazing!

One time not too long ago Jeffro and I got to 6 in a row.  We thought that was pretty good. ;;)

u guys rock.

Back in high school some guy I hit with made us hit 75 balls in a row (37.5 a piece) beyond the service line and in the court.  The numbers started over if we missed or hit it short into the service box.  Now I struggle getting 20.

The Dog:
hitting more than 3 in a row is missing the point.  you should hit the ball so hard that they can't get it back or you miss entirely.

at least that's the way I play...


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