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Continuation of the locked thread


You are so full of yourself that you are blind to the fact that you are NOT being fair.
You say "Personal attacks, not allowed".
OK.....I made a personal attack and broke the rules.

Your Moderator, BilliBlueBong, used a sexualy obscene remark.
You haven't publicly asked him to "Please refrain from making obscene or sexual remarks."
You ignore one infraction from your Moderator and then admonish me for a different infraction. Is that what you call fair? On top of that, you insulted Holly with your lousy attitude.


If you are into administering unfairly, You try the ESPN boards, you fit right in there.

I hope you get a great new toy for your birthday, you need something else to play with.

Shove you "deal" where the sun don't shine.

by the way wot was it that billibluebong said? that was out of order

It's BITTER, and I talked about Pat McEnroe's infatuation with Federer.

ACE: You need to continue this discussion elsewhere. The thread was closed for a reason.

Agreed,  They have been here long enough to know what is tolerable and what is not.  He made a joke, I found it funny and I know I am not the only one.  I have now told you what is tolerable and what is not, and attack on Tennis4you forum members will lead to a banned member.  I have banned 2 people in 5 years, please do not make me ban my 3rd.


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