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Weird news today


"French police question Serena stalker"

"Graf Wins Court Case Over Saucy Radio Quiz"


Those were headlines? What did the articles say?

BTW, where on earth do you find all the great pics you post. Loved the one with Amelie in an earlier thread. Too cute!!

Yeah, I'm lazy today. Did not C/P or resume the articles, did not put a link.  ..-)
But these are indeed headlines. ;;)

Serena's fan just wanted a kiss it seems but he entered her locker-room then her press conference. You just don't do that. :no-no:

For the pictures, check the gallery at They often have good pictures of off-court players activities at tournaments.
(the thread I had posted Amélie's pix has rightfully been deleted)

I wish the ATP site had as good a gallery. They have one but it is only occasionaly updated and not as easy to use.


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