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I live in Manchester in the UK and have followed tennis since the early eighties. Over the years my favourite players have been Lendl, Agassi and currently Federer. I've read this forum for a while but was finally brave enough to register a few days ago.


Welcome to the forums!  I am glad you finally jumped in the mix.  Feel free to jump in anywhere.  Even jump in late into Bab's tournament prediction game.  :)

oooo Manchester... I've always wanted to go to England... it's one of my life goals... hell my life goal is to go somewhere where it's not 70*F in the middle of winter.

Hiya, Gizo...I'm Rick...or Richard.  Welcome to the board!

Likewise, to an idiot whose ancestors came from the U.K.:  Which, after London, is the largest, and then the next largest city in England?

In the U.S.A., it's
1.>  New York
2.>  Los Angeles
3.>  Chicago
4.>  Philadelphia
5.>  Dallas/Fort Worth
6.>  Miami/Fort Lauderdale
7.>  Houston
8.>  Washington
9.>  Atlanta
10.> Detroit

I know that Manchester is the home of Ozzy, (I think..) but other than that, and a list compiled from the Statesman's Year Book, (where it is right now I dunno--)  I'm hopeless.

Found it:  Manchester is smaller than Liverpool!  --...and nothing else other than London is over a million, in pop.??


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