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What grip size do you guys/gals use?

I use a 4 3/8" grip typically.  I have one racquet that is 4 1/2" grip and I am searching for another racquet and all I can find is my racquet in 4 1/2".  I do not seem to mind the larger grip, but I would rather be consistant if at all possible.  Anyone know if any draw backs to having a grip one size bigger?

I use 4 3/8

But I used to use 4 1/4 and so when I got my i.radical -- it was a 4 3/8 and so I figured it was no big deal cuz I'd need to get a bigger gripsize soon anyway -- I'm still growing yknow. The grip seems to fit me perfeclty and I've used the little test that you hear about that you can determine ur grip size with and it seems to fit my grip perfectly. Anyhow -- ever since i started using the 4 3/8 -- I've been feeling soreness in my pinky finger. The kinda soreness that stings when I bend the finger just a little bit. I have to wrap it with athletic tape when I play or else I feel like I'm slicin gmy pinky off everytime I swing a forehand.

I wouldn't think of having rackets with different grip sizes.  The subtle difference would be enough to throw your game off for at least a little while until you adjust to the new grip.  Just think, if it's 5-5 in the 3rd set and you break a string and have to go with the different grip $ is on your opponent.  I use a 4.5" grip with 2 layers of grip tape so it's probably around 4.6 or 4.7.  Used to use the 4.75" back in the college days but prefer the smaller grips now days.

Arcforce--sounds like you've broken a blood vessel in your finger which can be really annoying but will eventually go away. It can happen for a lot of different reasons, even just bumping your finger up against something just right. You didn't say how long you have been playing with the larger grip size but you could be gripping your racquet differently which could cause some vibration, enough to have caused and/or be aggravating your "injury." That size may not "fit" you as well as you think, test or no test. Have you tried going back to your old racquet for just a little while to see if it does the same thing?

For what it's worth, I think maybe 4.25" is too small for a guy.  Unless you're really small.  I thimk 4.5 would be a happy middle gound.


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