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Safina downs Mauresmo

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Arcforce: I the only one in shock about this one?

--- Quote ---PARIS (AP) _ Dinara Safina of Russia beat second-seeded Amelie Mauresmo of France 6-4, 2-6, 6-3 to win the Open Gaz de France on Sunday.

Safina, the sister of two-time Grand Slam winner Marat Safin, clinched her third WTA career title following wins at Palermo in 2003 and Sopot in 2002.

Mauresmo, who won here in 2001, finished second for the third time.

``She took her chances and was more solid than me,'' Mauresmo said. ``I had a lot of chances to break in the first set but she finished by coming out on top. I didn't play my best, but that's the way it goes.''

Down 2-1 in the final set, Mauresmo saved one break point with a booming serve but then hit a wild forehand long. Safina won the game, then went up 5-1.

Mauresmo rallied, breaking Safina and holding easily to get to 5-3. But Safina went ahead 40-15 serving for the match, and clinched the championship with an overhead smash Mauresmo was unable to return.
--- End quote ---

I always thought Mauresmo was weak and very vulnerable but I can't believe she'd lose to such a lesser player. I figured Safina would give her trouble bC I'd heard she was a big hitter. Good win for her tho -- I hope she continues to break through

Wow, bad loss for Mauresmo!  I would of never guessed that.  Looks like the Safin's are doing well!

I was shocked about the outcome of this match, too.  Amelie should not lose to such a player.  So much for Y. Noah's help.

It looks like Safins trash talk after the Aussie Open helped.   I always found Safina overrated, and thought her attention was only due to her big brothers ability.   Maybe she will prove me wrong this year though.

I'm a big Safin fan, but I've never liked Safina. I think Serena giving Safina the Walkover helped Safina

Mauresmo has a tendecy to get nervious, although at that event I don't know why--its not a slam


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