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Vantage Tennis?

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Anyone ever see or hear about this vantage tennis place?  This is interesting,  you cutom order your racquet.  Head size, string pattern, head heavy to head light balance system, length, etc.

I would be interested in trying one for kicks.  They were only 130 something or other, it was not dollars.  I went through the design process just for kicks.

Anyoen seen it before?

looks good.
In my opinion it lacks choice on the RA scale. Two options is a little weak. Also for any visitors to the site I have a question. Can you see if the weight is calculated with / without strings or grip?

I used to have custom made frames. I could not get the site to produce the same specs as I make them myself now.
I would be interesting to see if when you order 10 frames if they really are the same...?


I would be too.  I asked for some literature.  I found the RA scale very limited too.  2 options is VERY weak.  But for the most part it looked interesting.  I would love to try one, for free of coarse.  :)

Tennis Freak:
I have never seen those racquets before and I have never seen anyone use them either.  It does not looks like something I would ever experiment with.  Looks like an interesting idea if you are having problems finding a racquet that you like.  My skeptisism is that I would want to test a racquet before I use it.  If they send you a brochure T4U let us know.  It would be nice if they would make you one for free to see if you think they are nice racquets and you get what you think you really made on the online order form.  Then maybe you could do some promotion for them on your website.

170 bucks a racquet.....not bad for a custom....but I think its cheaper to do EBAY!

I got my Wilson PS 6.1 brand new strung for 100!

looking for a second one....4 5/8 grip....I'm just commenting

Next thing the mod police are gonna get me for posting a want in the discussion forum!  :whistle:  :)~


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