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My lobs bite right now.  Any advice about hitting lobs, both topspin and normal?  Where to strike the ball?  Where should your weight be moving, forward?  Mine seem to be coming up mostly too short, maybe I need more height on the lob? I also think my follow through is not good (seemingly always a different follow through) but I'm not really sure how I should be following through.

Any drills you have done that you think are particularly good?

Lob?  What's a lob?   :whistle:

I told you (while we were partners) Saturday about the "Georgia lob".  I wish my college coach were alive to coach you on it.  I am not a good source for asking how to lob because my lobs are not one of my strenghts either.  But I think you maybe have too much of a topspin grip when you lob.  Maybe you can rotate it a little and flatten it out.  It looks like you could rip a topspin lob with your grip but then maybe you try to hit a defensive lob with the same grip???  You obviously need to use 2 different grips for the topper and the d-lob.

Tennis Freak:
I play 3.5 tennis and there are a lot of lobs being hit in those matches.  The pace that is hit to me is slow enough that weight movement doesn't seem to be too critical, of coarse maybe that is why I play 3.5 and you play 4.5.

I would answer this question, but we have all seen my lobs.  :(

Actually, I like to lob off of the return of serve, and if I am playing well I feel like I can do it fairly well.  I can guarantee that if you are leaning back too much you will most likely not hit the lob you wanted to.  No wait, I take that back.  When I get jammed with a serve and I am trying to get away from it I can throw up lobs pretty well, and my weight is not going forward at all.

You have good enough hands.  I know you and i have gone out and hit some topspin lobs back and forth, maybe we need to work on lobs, one of us stand back onthe baseline and hit it as an overhead down the middle after it bounces and the other just keep throwing up lobs.  I need overhead practice, although I hit quite a few yesterday, smacked down a few at 3-3 points.

Jamesdster you and I need to get together this summer and all just drill, and I mean hard core drilling with something specific in mind, not just this rallying  stuff from the baseline for an hour and going home.  We will go until you two drop, then I will go jog some laps somewhere.  :)

You will go till I drop?  You think you can last 20 minutes tough guy  :)~ ???


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