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helena sukova underrated??

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i was looking at helenas results from the 80s and realized she was the one who ended navritalovas 74 match run in 84 or something, she also beat her in a couple of grand slams, and chris evert too.  she was a singles grand slam finalist 4 times, and in 93 us open was in all 3 finals, winning two of them, but for the evert, navratilova graf era could she have been the dominent force?

Tennis Freak:
I have never even heard her name before.  The question that begs to be asked is how did she do on a regular basis and against regular players.  We she consistant?  Or did she only play well here and there?  Can you find out what her highest ranking ever was on the WTA?

She's the female version of Tim Henman. Very smooth strokes and has the potential to beat the best of them, but can't seem to put together a good slam run. I think her problems were that she isn't that quick and she's a little bit too passive, but her game is nice to watch, same with Hana Manlikova. Hana did better because she acutally won a few slams. Back in the 80's, I think the worst/ugliest one to watch was Pam Shriver. Anyone ever seen a tennis playing duck?

LOL, I never saw he play, now I need a video clip!


--- Quote from: "Tennis4you" ---LOL, I never saw he play, now I need a video clip!
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She  :whistle:
Pam is Martina's dub partner. I think those two are the greatest dub ever. They won like 109 matches in a row.


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