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Clijsters and today's WTA

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She is scheduled to make her comeback this week which I am excited about.  I have always liked her, really have no clue why.  Maybe because she was always low key and just went about her business.  Anyways, the last tournament she tried to play she had to default because of her wrist, so now she thinks she might be ready.

Anyone think that if she is at top form she can get bakc to where she was in the rankings?  heck, wasn't she #1.  Think she can get back into the top 5?  10?  20 I would say is a given.

Yes, she was #1, but like Mauresmo, she never had a slam to back it up (I suppose Lindsay falls into that category at the moment). I can't see Clijsters returning to the dominance she once had, but she should do well and be back in the top 10 (maybe even top 5).

not to be mean but Lindsay has won 3 SLAMS , she won Wimbledon, US Open and the Aussie Open.

Hi SBF, welcome to the foums!

Speaking of Kim, here she is with new boyfriend Luc Opdelocht, a Belgian underwear model :


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