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Marat Safin Tribute


You have got to love this guy... :))

  ;)   :))   ;)

I wish this guy would produce this sort of Tennis again... :)
A wasted Talent IMHO


OSU Buckeye:
Watching Safin on a practice court up close is about as good as tennis strokes get!     When this dude is on top of his game and mental, he is one of the most dominant players bar none!    It is rough being him because he knows he is capable of tennis perfection so everything short of that drives him crazy!   He just needs to gain control of his mental craziness like Federer did some years back (actually like all players must do).     :)

Thats a very good video. Safins still doing well in his career, and I hope he stays around for a while longer.

More Marat  :wub:  :wub:


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