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One- or Two-Handed?

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With the State of Your Tennis Game and Favorite Strokes threads, we read so much about the topspin backhand, the slice backhand, etc. So, do you use a one-handed or two-handed backhand? Has that always been your preference?

I use a one handed backhand for the topspin shot.  I have been working on it to be able to use it for return of serve for dubs.

So you use both?

No, I just use the one hander.  I used to slice the crap out of everything, but I am trying to work in the topspin more since I am playing a crap load of dubs, which I never did when I was younger.

I hit a 2 hander for topspin or when hitting flat, but when I slice I hit with 1 hand.  Sort of a poor man's Mats Wilander.  I wish I had never started hitting with 2 hands when I was learning to play.  I had trouble with the 1 hander when I was first learning to play so I switched 2 hands without really giving the 1 hander much of a chance.


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