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TENNIS guys or SOCCER guys???

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alrighty then.......this ones for the ladies (and fellas too i guess....)

maybe some of you can clear up a long-standing debate between a friend and I.

Who's better looking: TENNIS guys or SOCCER guys????

(obviously my friend is a soccer guy......)

There are so many types of tennis players,

tall short skinny black white blonde muscley loud quiet etc.

Soccer i dunno really, not big into soccer i do know Pele Bekham Hamm Chastain Foudy i think.

But tennis there are so many (but thats because im a huge tennis fan!)
Roger, Rafa, Juan Carlos, Andy, Marat, Carlos, Joachim, Guga, Mark, Igor, James, Mardy, Arnaud etc. There are just soooo many.

Hockey guys, like me... :whistle:

Oh man i have a huge soft spot for hockey guys, Lecalvier and Richards, whoa! Ecspecially Viunny! I have a pic (a big professional one) from when they won the stanley cup hanging up above my comp. They were giving them away for free after they won. And well Vinny and Brad. A lot of my friends play for my schools team.

MC ill Guest:
To me, tennis players and soccer players pretty much look the same.  Big legs, functional muscular upper body, very short hair or pony tails.

But tennis players are a lot more subdued.  It seems like soccer players are cockier.


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