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Mailbag's Most Noteable of 2004


MC ill Logic:
--- Quote ---MVP, men

 Roger Federer

 Not even close. Three Majors, a Masters Cup title, multiple titles on every surface, an undefeated record in finals. The abiding question for next year: Can anyone challenge this guy?

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MVP, women

 Maria Sharapova

 Smashing those "next Anna" comparisons like low-flying lobs, Sharapova announced her arrival in '04, first by winning Wimbledon and then (perhaps just as important) staring down Serena Williams to win the WTA Championships. We've known for years Sharapova had game, but who knew she competed this well?

Match of the year, men

 Marat Safin d. Andre Agassi, Australian Open semis, 7-6, 7-6, 5-7, 1-6, 6-3

 Safin is not known for mental toughness, but in a high-stakes match against the defending champ the Russian showed poise to match his shotmaking.

 Runner-up: Federer d. Lleyton Hewitt, U.S. Open final, 6-0, 7-6, 6-0

 The match wasn't even close -- which is the point. On a Major stage against a top-shelf opponent, Federer simply put on a clinic, more evidence that he is essentially playing solitaire these days.
--- End quote ---
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Nice, thx!

I just went through and had time to read this the whole way through this time...  Roddicks statement cracked me up, this is a good one.

--- Quote ---Best exchange men, part II

Question to Roddick after he was humiliated by Hewitt in the Masters Cup semifinals: "Your volleys seem like they are a lot better right now. Have you been putting a lot of time into improving your volleys?"

Roddick: "I'm glad you still say that after today."

Q: "Definitely. This week, I couldn't have been more impressed."

Roddick: "Where have you been the last hour and a half? You just get here? Did the rain throw you off?"

Q: "Yeah, actually, I didn't see the match today."

Roddick: "All right then (smiling). Yeah, I'm the man. In that case, I kick ass. I'm great. I'm volleying like a machine."
--- End quote ---

He's become so much more media-friendly than before. Anyone else notice that? Like he used to seem so angry and upset with everyone when he did interviews like he was annoyed to even be doing it. but now he seems so comfortable talking to the interviewers.

maturity.. ;;)


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