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Federer vs Nadal - 2007 TMS Hamburg

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You, sir, are simply AMAZING!

I like the dude at 13:21 :))

Great ! Thanx.
It took Federer 10 matches to figure out how to play against Rafa.
I am happy that Fed won with Nadal playing well and not bad.

Thanks so much for posting this. Its a great match :)

Ok. So just out of curiosity, I watched Fed..Nadal wimbledon highlights. The points were so much much more longer there you'd wonder which court's supposed to be grass and which one clay. i read in the hamburg match no point lasted more than 10 shots or something like that. There were plenty more net approaches by Fed here in hamburg, atleast in the highlights. Nadal had more volleys on grass.

Also, Fed's backhand here was just so crisp and dangerous. Much much better than Wimbledon highlight reel showed.

Again, this is all highlights but it might be something to think about.

I don't think all the time with Roche since last Wimbledon (however little) has been wasted one bit.


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