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Favorite Tennis Shoes (past or present)

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I used to love the old Stan Smith Addidas as well as the Rod Laver Addidas.  That green and white shoe was awesome.  Are those shoes extinct?  Now that I have kids I buy the $39.99 pair of Addidas or Reebok or Nike on the clearance shelf.  I love all things Addidas.

I have recently switched to New Balance 650 series.  I used to see everyone at the club wearing them and I was having a hard time finding shoes I liked that looked like they would last more than a day with me on the court.

I tried them out and they are the best shoe I have ever worn for tennis.  The only one I have not had to ear two pairs of socks when they are new to avoid foot pain or blisters.

I like Wilson shoes. They last me the longest and most have a 6 months warranty. I burned thru Addidas, Nike, Reebok and others in 4-6 weeks.


How's the ark coming along?  I heard the forecast for SoCal and it sounded like you and McIll better be rounding up pairs of animals.  Preferrably one male and one female.

What's the wrap on the 6 month warranty shoes? I met a girl at a tournament once and she told me that her parents bought her a pair of the warranty-covered shoes and she will wear down the soles in like 4 months and they'll send um in and get the new pair. Apparently, she hasn't paid for new shoes in like 2 years because the warranty keeps renewing the ones she bought a while ago?

Is that realistic or was she telling lies?


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