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I am currently using Tournagrip, but I know I've used grip tape that I've liked better but can't remember what they were.  What do you use and how much does it cost?  Tournagrip is about $5 for 3 wraps in columbus, Ohio.

I used to use the Tournagrip religiously until college.  Now I like the Prince Duratred.  But after two racquets slipping out of my hand on the serve in 3 weeks and breaking both racquets it makes you wonder.  I think my grip size is too small.

The Tournagrip never lasted me that long which is why I made the switch.

I know...I'm not really sold on Tournagrip either, even new.

Samoras used it, I think.  But when you have some guy string 9 racquets a day used the day before or not, I am sure he gets new grips with those too if they had been used.  For us poor folk, well...

MC ill Logic:
Due to a series of unfortunate events involving ATS Sports and Tournagrip... and letting Tournagrip, their parent company anyways, know about it... eventually resulted in me getting enough free Tournagrip to last me a year or two.  hahaha.  

But I love Tournagrip.  I can't say I've tried them all, but I have absolutely no complaints about TG.


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