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! ! ! Albanians steal Bush's watch ! ! !



>Turn off the sound (it's in Albanian, I think) and concentrate on the
>At the 49th through 52nd seconds, a watchband can be clearly seen on
>Bush's left wrist as he plunges into the crowd.
>At about the 56th second a hand from the crowd can be seen to grasp
>Bush's left forearm and slide toward his wrist. Bush withdraws his left
>arm for a brief moment and continues to work the crowd with right. He
>then begins to work the crowd again with both arms. The next clear shot
>of his left wrist a few seconds later shows the watchband missing.
>You can rapidly stop and start the video by clicking on the pause/play
>button with your mouse. This gives the effect of freezing the individual
>frames. You can pull the slider back to repeat a segment of the video.

Wow, that is pretty funny.

Lol! Rock on Albanians!


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