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I play tennis only from time to time, and i didn't learnt in anywhere, just from playing with guys who know how to play.

Now, i want to become more expert, and learn to become a pro. I don't have any racquet, only play with my friends racquet and i want to buy one. Which its more appropriate for me ? I need a progression racquet right ? I don't want any expensive...just one that its right for me and for my progression in 1/2 years...

Please help me !


First off, welcome to the forums!

There are racquets called "tweener" racquets which are racquets more for beginners.  Tenniswarehouse has some racquets they deemed tweener racquets that you could look at.  They also let you demo them, as may a local club.  The next progression up are "player racquets".  Here is a link to both at and a little "help you select a racquet guide:

thank you!

Ok. Just another question, why they (tweeners) vary so much in price? And which is the different between brands ? Which is the more elitist ?

Head, Wilson, Prince, all make good racquets.  Who knows why the prices range.  Test some of the lower prices out, I am sure they will be more than fine.  I get all of my racquets used and that helps with price.  Tenniswarehouse and this site have a classifieds board where people sell and look for racquets.  Tenniswarehouse's is far bigger, but T4U might actually be the second largest.

OSU Buckeye:
Welcome xnotte!  You can also demo racquets which is just taking different racquets out to sort of give them a test run to see how much you like the feel of them.   ;-()


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