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[N] Factor:
Hi, I am a high school tennis player currently using a Hammer Titanium 5.0 and I was looking to update my arsenal and switch to a Wilson K Factor. I work really well with my racquet I have but I want something newer from Wilson. Any suggestions on any of the new K Factors that I would be able to work well with?

Newer doesn't mean better.
I suggest you got to your local sports shop and start demoing whatever they have. If you don't have one nearby, check out Tennis Warehouse. They have a demo program where you can choose 3 racquets for (I think) $15. Use them for a week or 2 weeks and then subtract the demo fee from the racquet price if you choose one (BTW most tennis shops will offer a similar deal).

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[N] Factor:
Thanks man. Appreciate it. I'll try Tennis Wherehouse. If anyone has other racquet ideas please tell me.

on my high school team our racket choices were all over in terms of specs.  the lightest and most powerful was a head is.2 oversize while the smallest and heaviest racket was a wilson n6-1 95.  it would help a lot if u told us more about your game but in general i'd recommend something around 100 sq. in. and thats somewhat hefty for a high school player.


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