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Jackie Stephens:
Hi my names Jackie, I play Junior tennis for boys 16s in the usta, umm... I'm a really good player and practice tennis about 8 to 10 hours a day. I never stay off the courts, I am currently a tennis coach and I get payed 3 to 4 bucks an hour by parents that wants there kids to learn how to play, I got this one kid to be a top player in the 12s in 5 months with working with him in the USTA.. umm... I want to become a pro player when I grow up o and later I'm going to post videos of me playing with some of the other guys and my friends.

Hi Jackie,  Welcome to Tennis4you.  Great to see you here and look forward to talk with you more.

Welcome indeed!  I would love to see videos of you hitting.

Jackie Stephens:
Thanks for the invite and trust me I will stick around, I will show videos and give hints and such and tips to everyone playing tennis.

Jackie Stephens:
Thanks I'm currently playing in Florida region 8, I see the level like 4.0 etc, what does that mean?


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