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I hit for an hour on Wednesday night.
Worked on serve accuracy and approach and keeping ROS low and cross-court.
I find it interesting that the more I focus on a specific aspect of a shot, the more I realize how much room for improvement I have..... :whistle:
Good news was I was able to beat Grasshopper in 90% of the simuls we played.
Bad news is, I thought that was pretty good. :\
Oooops there I go having expectations already! :innocent: :rofl_2:
Such is the mindset of a competitor.

Got to play some social dubs with The Family at a beautiful resort in the Green Mountains of VT a few weekends ago.  Was graced with the presence of my youngster daughter on court.  We reigned supreme against superior/younger athletes in round robin play.

Ventured onto a competitive badminton court on Thursday eve.
Twas a rude awakening. :scared:
I figured it was an after work refreshment event so I brought a rack of me favorite frostys. 
Bad move.
These kids were serious.
Took awhile getting used to the formal rules which are quite different than the 'backyard rules' I've always played by.  2nd game was better than the first.  My partner carried us to victory on some excellent defense and smashing.  My role of course was to plug up the middle with my size. :rofl_2:  Actually, I took the role of set up man and that worked out fine.  Can't wait to get the call to sub in next week.

And lo, on the Friday of Black, I ventured forth!
Laughing in the face of falling temps, spitting snow, and gusty winds, for nearly 3 hours we battled.
In the end, there can be only One (team) and yea it was ours.

Fun time knocking about with the family guys again.
Lots of laughs and many great rallies despite the low skill level of all involved.
Good to hear some of yous other fellas are still playing outside as well. :))

Brick Top:
Great entries here.  :worthy:

Thanks BT!
Love to play the game, coach, string, and watch the pros.
It's so much fun on so many different levels. :)


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