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Welcome to the new foums everyone.  I hope that these work ok for you.  They seem to work great for me so far.  I like these forums much better than the last.  Anyone have any thoughts?  Anything you would like to see.  

One thing that is upgraded is that when we do polls we have more than 5 options unlike EZBoard.  I think i set it at 12 options for now.  it can always be raised.  :)

Well done with the Forum Scott. It works/looks so much better than the other one!  =D>

Yes.  I like it.

Sweet, I am glad you stopped by.  It is nice to see the regulars swing on in!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How come the link on your home page takes me to the old message board?  I got here via one of the threads, but is this going to be the link at some point.

BTW, this is better.


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