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...Crackzillionair, but officially I like to be called The Pope, or Pope Crackzillionair, or by my official title, Pope Crackzillionair I, or even Crackzillionair I.  There are many sinners in the world, children.  Even your Pope sins about once every 3-4 minutes, but that has been consistent throughout history.  Today, your Pope plans on drinking some wine, just like @ mass, only much, much more, and 'wagering' on all his favorite players, like Rafa, Roger, and so forth.  The Pope doesn't really gamble, children...that would be wrong.  What a wonderful rivalry between the clear number one, perhaps of all time, Roger Federer, and the clear number two, and one of the great number two players of all time, Rafael Nadal.  The Pope likes it when people know the score, as while Rafa is great, he is not the greatest.  And The Pope doesn't hand out hardware until it is earned.  This summer should be very interesting b/c it is a watershed summer in many regards for the mens game.

One the one hand, you have Roger Federer attempting to tie Pete Sampras in overall hardcourt slams(7), who will enter the US Open looking to extend his Grand Slam straight set successes of Australia, which is, as PMac noted yesterday, an even slower surface than the USO.

On the other hand, you have my favorite player, 'The Spanish', Rafa!!!!  I sure am hoping that Rafa can make a hardcourt final or two at some point, let alone some hardcourt success at slams.  It would be nice to see Rafa and Roger play more than just @ the finals of Roland Garros and SW19.  Anyway, Rafa is still very young, and he should be around a long, long time, if only his health allows.

Also, in The Pope's welcome to the board post, I'd like to wish Roger a very happy birthday.  And anyone else who had a birthday recently, mozel tov to you too!  My son's birthday is next week.  Yes, The Pope is married and keeps, wrong board, but anyway, no actions of a Pope should surprise anyone, as we do set the moral course, much like great texans George and Laura Bush(Did anyone know that Laura Bush committed vehicular homicide when she was 16?  Yeah, she killed her best friend while drunk at the wheel.  She has come a long way though, making those snappy 'how to be a good neighbor' commercials).  The Pope salutes the Bush family!  Thank You for sending The Pope's cousin to Afghanistan b/c they do hate us for our freedom.   And little cousin Stevey should make a huge difference in combatting The Taliban.

At any rate, I hope this serves as a proper introduction, and a hearty greeting to all my friends in tennis land.  Blessed is all that is holy.

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Now that's what I call an introduction!  Welcome to the forums pope!

Thank you, my son.  The Pope certainly feels welcome.


OSU Buckeye:
Welcome Pope!  Very odd!   :;:-|

Oh, if you only knew...



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