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Hi all, my name is FedRus


Hello, nice to meet you all. I'm a Rog fan, but not a KAD. I'm from the board where I know all the new regestrations of late from there.
I am been a poster for about 2 years. I know where all the bodies are burried there. Although I am very tollerant person, the sheer destruction
there as of late, and the fact that someone over there says "come over here", made me want to expand my horizons. I just hope Crackbillionaire doesen't
do the same stuff on you guys.

Thanks for your very pleasant forum!

FedRus ;-()

Pope Crackzillionair I, welcomes you, Fedrus!!!  Nice to see you, player.  How yall feel?  BTW, how did crackbillionaire(sp) mess up that dear, dear website of yours?  And why would a person do such a thing?  Fear not.  Your Pope is on guard against those who are dangerous.  And the good people here shall enjoy the mayhem The Pope has a feeling you delight in.  By the way, Fedrus, what did you think of that beat down that djoker put on rafa last night?  The Vatican thought it was typical.


But then again, Fedrus, your Pope already knows your thoughts on the Djokovic/Nadal 'spank factor.'  Mini Wimbi, was it for you, in the regard that a player who knows how to serve like a Roger or a Novak can just jerk Nadal around all the live long day on hards or even not play their best and still know they are able to win on serve alone, while he does his best to play defense, scrambling and even executing a few slides on the concrete, which is oh so god for his knees?  The Pope dare sayeth that Djokovic is a big problem for Rafa.  Too much game.  Until Rome or Monte Carlo, and we'll have to see about that too.  Fedrus, my friend, again, so good to see you well--just try to behave yourself at least half the time for these lovely people.


Welcome FedRus, glad you found us here!  Feel free to jump in anywhere and have at it!   :welcome)  :welcome)  :welcome)

OSU Buckeye:
Welcome fedrus!  Enjoy the action! :)


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