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This is rajanrockets from the old msg board... i just got into college (Univ of Pennsylvania) and i am basically telling everyone who i know. this message board has been an awesome place for me, where else can i talk tennis with informed fans? its a big day for me, so pardon me while i go out and celebrate by hitting some tennis balls as hard and far as i can  :)~

Congrats Rajan!  Now go knock the cover off of the ball!  Glad you made it over here and I hope you keep posting!

How exciting, man. I'm sure this is a day of enthusiasm for you...I look forward to that day...I PRAY I get accepted into the colleges I'd like to attend. *crosses fingers*. Are you gonna be playing for Univ of Pennsylvania's tennis team? That would be AWESOME!!

Congratulations!  That early decision 'thing' is great.  The daughter of one of the attorney's in my office just received her acceptance to Penn, too, the other day.  (And his other daughter will be graduating from Penn in May 2005)  Philadelphia is a great city.

I am not playing tennis at Penn, at least not for the varsity team- I will just stick with intramural tennis, which is pretty competitive...


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