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by ATP Staff  | 12.03.2013

© AFP/Getty Images
Roger Federer is No. 3 in Sports Illustrated's list.
Roger Federer is among the Top 10 power players of world sport according to Sports Illustrated, the U.S. magazine.

The Swiss superstar is No. 3 in the list, behind NBA basketball star LeBron James and golfer Tiger Woods. Serena Williams, the WTA World No. 1, is seventh overall.

Sports Illustrated writes, “Never mind that he’s the most decorated men’s tennis player ever, is there a more likeable athlete?

“A 2011 Reputation Institute study listed Federer, 31, as the second-most-respected man in the world – behind only Nelson Mandela.”

Federer will play his compatriot Stanislas Wawrinka in the BNP Paribas Open fourth round on Wednesday.

I see no one has posted in this thread in a while.  I'll have to remedy that! :whistling:

Nice to see you back on the board.
Hope all is well and the recovery is comlete! :)


--- Quote from: monstertruck on April 30, 2013, 08:25:10 PM ---Nice to see you back on the board.
Hope all is well and the recovery is comlete! :)

--- End quote ---

Thanks.  I'm doing well.  Final doctor's 'exam' will be Monday.  Hopefully I'll get a 100% clearance by then! :))

Roger's first match on clay for 2013: (his 2 victories came on clay, so Roger needs to be careful)


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