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Roger's first round match.  With the way Roger has been playing this year... I REALLY HAVE TO TAKE IT ONE MATCH AT A TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


A few years back, I might have been miffed with all this reporting of family/entourage etc.. I like sport kept simple, minus the drama ;)
Now, with Roger firmly in the twilight of his glorious career, such distractions serve to lighten the mood.. I can amuse myself with the girls' antics..
Dallas, when Roger won the AO in 2010, you said any more GS titles would represent a 'bonus'.. I believed you, but still 'dreamt' that the Swiss could fight his way to more glory..
That, however, was foolish on my part.. Pragmatic realism suggests, Roger is making up the numbers.. His seeding - #7, reflects the progress he is expected to make at the USO - the QF stage..
If anything, these failures of late, have made me realize the pain involved in professional, sport for players and fans, when starved of success.
I will always have the memories though :). I still rewind the video files of those glorious triumphs of the past - always brings a smile to my face (the 2003 Wimbledon title is my favourite)!
Of late, I no longer want to follow tennis, when Roger is not playing. I realize it was Roger I was in love with and not the sport. I admire the Rafas, Noles, Muzzas - but without Roger strutting his stuff, its all too uninteresting. I guess, the fact that Roger was lording it over the tour so long, drove me to support Roger. The recent downturn in fortune, has sharpened the sense that the game has changed. Roger, by swapping his strings, is playing catch-up; but I wonder if it is too late?
Can he derive satisfaction in playing the 1st week of slams, when so many times in the past, he was challenging for honours on D-Day?
Not sure, how long Roger will play on - but I hope he bows out with his head held high! The day he quits is going to be a sad day, indeed..


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