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--- Quote from: Dallas on August 29, 2013, 07:02:50 PM ---
--- Quote from: propstoart on August 28, 2013, 02:10:10 PM ---Anybody know what's the condition of Roger's back (it was an issue a few weeks ago)? Also, is he now playing with the new racquet?
Zemlja had Roger scrambling; who had his serve to thank for coming out on top with ease. Tougher tests lie ahead..  :Confused:

--- End quote ---

He said his back feels good right now, and he put the 'new' racket down until after the US Open.  He's back playing with his old one.

--- End quote ---

And he should keep it.

I read that Roger chose the new racquet to gain power in his strokes. Why does he need it now, when he has always had the power game. If anything, he has tended to lapse into periods of inconsistency, that have proven costlier, of late. Do his coaches have any say in the matter? Does a racquet change work in pro tennis - are there any case studies in this field?  :confused1:

First round in Basel:

walk on

2013 Swiss Indoors Basel R1 R Federer v A Mannarino walk on

set 1

2013 Swiss Indoors Basel R1 R Federer v A Mannarino set1

set 2

2013 Swiss Indoors Basel R1 R Federer v A Mannarino set2

Phew, I thought this thread had been relegated to the archives and that you had been put in a nursing home...... :whistle:

 :rofl_2:  Been really busy.  Spent a week in Hawaii, and then have been busy working on special projects since then!  I'll be back 'regularly' after a Conference I'm putting on this Saturday!  Who thought I'd work harder in retirement than I did actually working on a job!!!! :rofl_2:


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