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 Roger Federer prepares for Rogers Cup with game of ball hockey in Toronto :)


Interesting little fact. With his win over Monfils, Federer is #2 in the ATP Race, passing Nadal. With another 1300 more points to gain if he wins the US Open + indoor season he has a real chance to finish the YE #2 and set up 2015 AO as an opportunity to get #1.

Nice posts, although i am not a big fan of him he is a great one and deserves to play in the final against a number one


Federer, who is great on Twitter, was clearly being tongue-in-cheek with his tweet. It boggles my mind that he only has 2.4 milion followers, while Nadal, who is okay at Twitter but mainly uses it as a platform to promote his band, has almost three times as many. :mad1: :mad1:

Guys, Have you seen Roger's new house/villa in Switzerland? It looks stunning.


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