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Tennis Elbow?

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I've been getting a bit of ache or some weird feeling in my elbow recently..Is it tennis elbow?

Typically that is the case.  I had oit once in high school. I started hitting my forehands and in my follwo through my elbow was ending up higher than the racquet head.  I do not know how I picked up that bad habit, but I stopped shortly after because it was hurting like hell.

damn! how long did you have it for Scott?

As soon as I stopped hitting the forehand wrong and corrected it, it went away almost immediately.  Your best bet is to try to take a few days off.  It is persists badly when I come back you may want to see a doctor.

Is the pain on the outside of the elbow or on the inside (closer to your body).  If on the outside, do you hit a one-handed backhand?  If I recall correctly, the outside pain is the classic tennis elbow whereas the inside (medial) pain is known as golfer's elbow.  Below is a link that I googled about the subject.  A friend of mine had a problem this past fall where he could not flex the arm all the way due to a form of bursitis.  Like Scott said, rest is always a good start but I'd be quick to see a doctor if it persists.

Good luck and here's to a speedy recovery!



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