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French Open Karaoke
« on: October 15, 2007, 11:05:43 PM »
This has probably been posted already, but tis is a compilation with almost all of the karaokes. Some of these, Nadal, Robredo, Serena, I had not seen before. Enjoy!  :))

Golovin (Barbie Girl)
Kuzzy, Djokovic (I Will Survive)
Rafa (La Bamba) The best.. it was so funy and adorable. Besides, Novak, he got really into it.
Ivanovic (don't know the name of the song but it sounds familiar)
Dementieva (Lady Marmalade)
Robredo (the song he's named after I think)
Serena (It's Going Down) The worst mainly because she didn't sing it; she didnt even move her lips. SHe just shook her thang, and it was kinda gross.
Federer (Simply the Best  ..-) )
Henin (some French song)