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Forehand trouble! :@

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Can anyone give me some advice? I keep hitting my forehands to cross court only..I tried to hit them down the line..but Nope! they go to the left..  :lmao:

Do you hit with an open stance or closed stance?

If you try to hit down the line and it keeps redirecting down the middle you might be hitting the ball a little too early.  Depending on your style of play, you might be opening up your entire body too early too.

I was having forehand trouble a few weeks ago and since then its come back and I'm smackin the ball. If you're going to hit crosscrout you wanna focus on the outer right edge of the ball while you watch it (if you're a righty......if your a lefty focus on the left side of the ball)If the ball were a clock, hit at 3 oclock if your a righty. Hit at 9 if your a lefty and you wanna hit a crosscourt forehand.

     If you wanna hit down the line try and focus on the very center of the ball or at 12, or 6 oclock. Just make sure you're stroke is on so you don't smack it into the floor or into the sky.  ..-)

If you wanna hit inside out, focus on the left edge of the ball or 9 oclock if you're a righty, and 3 oclock if you're a lefty.

Scott is also right on about your stance. Make sure you don't let it rip to early if you want to go down the line. Just give it some practice. WORK WITH A WALL! That's what got my forehand back. The wall is you're best hitting partner. And just as you would with a partner.....practice with purpose. Hit down the line, crosscourt, down the line, crosscourt....its a great drill for direction and a great workout too!

Good luck mate!

Cheers guys, some lovely tips there. My coach said I was hitting too late.

I used to have a weird problem with my forehand.  In long matches at times, I'll be drilling the ball in the first two sets.  If it goes to a 3rd, my arms start to tighten up for some reason and I suddenly feel as if I forgot how to hit a forehand, which makes me resort to pushing it.  It's like I tighten up to a point where I can no longer go through the usual forehand motion.


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