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Vitamin D and Vitamin K2(MK-7) synergy -- Updated.

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I have always taken Vit. D but because in Canada we don't get as much sunlight I guess I was still lacking some. My doctor also told me to take Omega 3 I think to boost the good cholesterol and also eat a lot of fish so am doing all that. She's okay but she didn't take care of my cold all that well as I am still suffering from it and now too lazy to go back to her again. She gave me some over the counter medicine.

It's that time of the year again.
With the sun losing intensity the body makes less of vitamin D which is used to fight off colds and the other wintertime badguys.
I have to update my recommendation because of new developments.
With Vitamin D it is now suggested to take vitamin K2 ( MK-7 ), the vitamin K2 is a very nice match with vitamin D and works very well with it.
If you live in Canada it's more important as the vitamin D producing sun is limited more as you move to the towards the north.

Very informative article, Thanks for sharing.

Latest news on Vitamin D.
Vitamin D "rules":
People with darker skin types have to stay in the sun longer.
People in the office almost certainly don't get enough sun to have decent levels of vitamin D.
The minimum amount as determined by the latest research is 50 ng/ml.
The average person needs about 6,000 IU per day, year around.
Having higher levels is associated with mood improvement.

Swish, don't get me wrong here but I asked my doctor about this stuff. He literately told me 'Alex, you are wasting your money on vitamins' eat well, plenty of fresh vegetables. You don't need any vitamins. I was puzzled.

I went and talk to my pharmacist who's been a friend of mine for a long time. He said to me 'every vitamin you take just go through your body'. You don't need them.

So, I'm scratching my head right now.


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