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I'm already fast on the court, but how do I get faster..?  :cowboy:

Sprints, weight training, running?

weight training?

I would give the legs *some* attention.  I wouldn;t go in and bust on squats or anything, but some basic stuff.  I used to do calf raises constantly.  Now when I stand at the gas station I do calf raises and (try not to laugh at me here) when I rinse with mouth wash at night I do them too.  If I am standing around waiting on something or someone and no one is around I will bust a few in too.

When I worked in an office a year ago I had to take an elevator up to the office.  I always tried to see how many calf raises I could do before I reached the right floor.  I usually got around 50-60.  And that was at 7:00 a.m. in the morning.  Nothing like a good burn to wake your a$$ up in the morning, who needs coffee?

I am sure overall it cannot hurt.  I have had several people tell me I am the fastest person they have ever played.  I do not feel like I run that fast, but I can get up to full speed very quickly and i think that helps.  I am sure the calf raises help in that department.

lol thats funny dude


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