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Thx all!

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Thx everyone for sticking with me (us) on this forum change...  I know we left a lot of messages behind.  These forums seem to be pretty nice.  We have 50 registered memebers already, although some of them are posting in the classifieds section, we do have some new people posting in the General Tennis forum and that is great!

Anyways, thx for sticking with it.  I am doing what I can to attract more traffic here.

:bye1: Hi Everyone!

I'm new to this forum.  Tennis4you invited posters from MTF some time ago.  So, I thought I'd visit.

I live in the US.  I've been a tennis junkie for a long time.  I usually like numbers.  But, when it comes to tennis, I'm more visual.  I like to watch the movement and shot making of the athletes.  I'm also very interested in strategy and the mental aspect of the game.

I don't play tennis.  I do play raquetball recreationally, though.

I enjoy watching all professional tennis players, male and female.  I don't have an overall favorite female player.  I tend to pull for whomever is having a career bump or a tough patch in a match.  My favorite player of the young Russian ladies is Sveta.  I do have favorite male players.  My favorite player for the current generation is Marat Safin.  My favorite player for the next group is Rafael Nadal.

I look forward to talking tennis with you all.


I still miss the "hottest female player thread."

What is stopping you from re-instating it?

thank u for hosting it this a very good site my friend told me about it and we are both tennis crazy i have been waiting for a free online Fantasy Tennis heheh all of the fantasy sports are not free keep up the freeness ://


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