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Kinda lame, but looks cool

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Ranked #5 in dubs from my tournament play this summer.  The tournaments were not nearly as strong as I hoped they would be though.

I'm sure you could beat Wayne Manifold (whoever he is).  Keep practicing.

Funny thing about that.  I played him in the finals of a tennis tournament this summer.  My partner and I had 4 championship points, we didn't win any of them.  One was on an overhead I should of gotten in, but I was backing up fast, decent lob. But I smacked the tape with it, there was no one home where I was aiming.  That was Jeffro and I.  We will get him next time.

That's great! What kind of league is it that you play in?

I play in a 4.5 USTA league match.  I play both singles and doubles in the league.  It is a fun league and everyone there are really good friends.  Most of us went to Nationals last year for the 4.0 level.


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