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How about stringing machines?

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This is something I haven't seen brought up on our forums. I would really like to start stringing my own racquets. I have plenty of extra racquets to practice on, but I'm not sure what is the best valued stringer out there. I don't break often....but the I don't trust my coach or the local guy to string my racquet. I usually send it out to a certified stringer. I would eventually like to get certified as I want to have my own shop one day.

So whatdya think guys and gals?

MC ill Logic:
THIS is the one I have, and it's great.  When I'm doing my own rackets, and I'm not really giving a crap, I can do a racket in 20 minutes.  I'm not sure how accurate the tension is but for the most part I'm satisfied.  During college away matches, I'd take it with me on the plane and my teammates thought my jobs felt "better" than those of the guy who usually did it.  

If you want to get certified, you may want to buy a more expensive machine, though.  I'm assuming you want to make money by stringing, otherwise I don't see the point in getting certified.  The machine I have now, I'm not so sure it was designed to handle stringing 15 rackets a day.

Probably not meant for massive stringing.  I have the Klippermate, it is similar and similar in price too.  And I could care less when I do my own racquets.  I do not notice any difference when I go from one racquet to another in my bag.  I do wonder how accurate it is though.  Feels fine to me and I have heard no complaints when I string for others.

maranatha tennis:
I love the Klipper also but have used most all of the other kinds, stand up constant pull, electronic and pneumatic. And the Klip does a good job if you are good, but the others make it easier for you to work and the industry standard is the great , and expensive, electronic. Heck even the kid at the Sports Authority uses a Babolat Star! The industry standard is still the crank type stand up model with 4 mounting points and you will be tested on such a machine to get certified. Now the only reason to get certified is to get hired. I know pros who will not even hire someone unless they are certified. so....

The real reason to string is for yourself. Or at least work for yourself. I string for my clients and friends and that is it. Sometimes alot, sometimes nothing.


I am sorry I can't be here more often Scotty.

I also have a Klippermate and love it.  Very inexpensive and does a good job.


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