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It's funny that this sort of came up in the STATE OF YOUR GAME thread, because I was just about to ask. I'm considering buying a new racquet (something not cheap, but not insanely priced either). What do you all recommend?

I recomend the Wilson Ncode nsix tour 90, it rewards a player with full fast swings and complete strokes. I really like the Prince more control Db racquet also it just didn't give me the kick on my second serve that the Wilson gives me.

BTW the Wilson is around 150 and the prince is about 1 hundred dollars

MC ill Logic:
It depends on your skill level, playing style, how you swing, etc.  We need more info before we can even begin to make any recommendations.  Tell us what you're currently using, what you like about it, ways in which you hope your next racket is better.

Example:  I'm kind of an all court player, but I guess I spend more time on the baseline.  I hit pretty flat, I want more spin.  I don't want a heavy racket and nothing to stiff because my elbow is starting to hurt.  I'm using a Pro Staff 6.0 right now and it's just too much.  I want a bigger racket face and a more open string patter.  blah blah blah


--- Quote --- but I guess I spend more time on the baseline. I hit pretty flat, I want more spin. I don't want a heavy racket
--- End quote ---

That's me. Right now I have Pro Staff. And it's not that I'm not satisfied with my current one, but I'd like to have a spare (or actually one that's even better).


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