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Who's Game Do You Most Resemble?

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As I mentioned in an earlier thread, I live and die by the serve and forehand, so I'd have to say my game is a poor man's imitation of Roddick.  And since I am a lefty with a decent volley....Johnny Mac and Roscoe Tanner.  I wish I had Connors' groundies.

This might sound girly, but I have copied the serve of Maria Sharapova... haha :lmao: Certainly not as strong though. I guess thats the only thing I can say is a good resemblance to any professional player. I do have a strong two-handed backhand, but nothing like a professionals.

MC ill Logic:
I don't play an exciting style.  I can kill the ball when I want to but I rarely do.  I can go weeks without going for a big shot.  

Conchita Martinez... Vincenzo Santopadre... Cyril Saulnier... Emilie Loit... Felipe Lopez, but I don't come to the net as much, and my serve is nothing like his... maybe Scheng Schalken but I don't come over my backhand as much as he does.  

Basically, a heavy top spin forehand, slice backhand, looking to execute patterns that don't allow the opponent to get a rhythm.

Hrm...give me a few months to screw my game over and I'll be like Santoro  :)~
Not that it's a bad thing  :))
I don't who my strokes resembles. My strokes are fluid enough that I can hit the ball without effort. A few years ago, I tried to make my forehand like that of Philippousus, it didn't work. Then I tried making my backhand looks like his, that was even worse. My strokes are in "no man's land" as far as resemblence. But they're nice enough to make people I hit with want to hit like me.

Hey now, don't diss the doubles magician too much!  :\


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