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Percent of the time playing doubles?

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What perentage of the time do you play dubs?

I used to play 95% singles until I got out of college.  They really do not set up adult leages that well for singles.

I played singles in the league that we went to Nationals with.  But since Nationals I have only played about 25% singles.  I would not even playi singles if the 4.5 league didn't need a singles player.  Most of our players on that league like doubles better.  Some are suited better for dubs but some of them could do some nice damage in the singles portion too.

Problem is that it is winter time, and singles plays for 1 hour while doubles plays for 2 hours.  Same price for both, a complete rip off, who the hell would want to play singles like that?  I usually be the sucka!

do you like singles better than dubs?

I used to, but now I like dubs better than singles.  Singles sucks as a USTA league because we get 1 hour to play while the dubs gets 2 hours.  Plus once you get out of college 85% of the people at the clubs play doubles.  Sucked at first, but now that I am onyl half way bad at doubles and not a complete failure it is becoming fun.  

In the end, too much serving hurts my shoulder and singles seems to be too much if I play as much as I play dubs.  Dubs seems to be just enough serving that is really doesn't bother my shoulder.

I am getting used to playing with a partner too, seems more relaxing.  But I notice myself a lot more focused and pumped on a singles court.  Hmmm, that might be a problem...

I am going to add an adendum to that,,,

I still love singles, and I love the fact I am getting some singles in now and then.  I still seem to be holding my own on the singles court.  I think I have slipped slightly because of the doubles play, but I would say I am 92.6734935029% there on singles when I play and it feels pretty good.

It is amazing the difference between the two.  I play one more than the other and one is bound to slip some while the other gains.


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