Author Topic: How to improve ones serve?  (Read 2564 times)

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How to improve ones serve?
« on: December 17, 2004, 12:38:10 AM »
I've been losing power on my serve and on some days I seem to miss every second 1st serve.  What can I do to improve this stat seeing how at most I can get out 1 time a week?

Any quick tips that I should look for.  I don't have the time to hit serve
after serve anymore in practice.

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How to improve ones serve?
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2004, 07:22:33 AM »
Practice is indeed your best bet, but I know it is tough when you only get out once a week.

If you are losing power I would take a check and make sure you are using your entire body to serve like you used to.  

Make sure your ball toss is still right.

Make sure your contact point is right.

Make sure you are keeping your eye on the ball.

Bend those knees and make sure you rotate those shoulders...

Get out there and practice if at all possible.  The serve is the one thing that never leaves me when I am not used to playing.  But notice I said the "1 thing", everything else goes to crap.
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How to improve ones serve?
« Reply #2 on: December 17, 2004, 08:48:34 AM »
not that I'm one to give advice on serving..but I agree with Scott that practice builds confidence (at least one hopes it does ;).  If you have confidence in your serve, it will keep you loose and you'll do fine.  Conversely, if you begin to doubt what you're doing and lose confidence...well, you're in for a rough go of it.  So, get out and "pay your dues" as Tom Avery says and practice.  

One final tip is to spend time just practicing your toss.  A consistent toss lays the foundation for a consistent serve.
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How to improve ones serve?
« Reply #3 on: December 17, 2004, 09:16:09 AM »
My coach here at school gave me some advice that totally helped my serve power and consistency.


All your power will come from your legs and heres why:

When you toss that ball up, and then immediately bend your knees in a smooth rhythmic motion, you've coiled up your entire body, much like you should on your forehands and backhands. When you make those legs spring up to get to that ball it's almost like a whip. The handle of the whip is your legs. When you throw that handle up and then bring it down really fast to crack the whip it's the same idea with your serve. Except your body is going down to up, and the whip was going up to down.

The legs spring up and like magic everything else will follow....the last thing being your shoulder to your arm to your wrist to your hand to your racquet. Imagine that. If you can perfect your motion....the only difference will be in your ball toss....which you've gotten advice about that already.

Finally as with everything a human being wants to get better MUST practice. Get a bucket of balls and serve a bucket or two when you wont take more than 45 minutes if you're intent on what your doing. Imagine that service motion. Soon enough you'll start to know when you've screwed up your motion before the ball crosses the net. It'll just become second nature. Much like a cheetah must hunt to eat.....a tennis player must serve to win.
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