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Baby Boy on his way


Well, dude is kicking the crap out of my wife.  He is kicking, punching, maybe even practicing his tennis swing in that womb!  She is due in exactly 1 month from today, but she was at the doctor yesterday and the doctor said it could be just about any day.  He expects this one to be early since our daughter was a little early.  sweeeeeeeeeet.

That's awesome.  Here's hoping that he will hold a racket in his left hand!  ://

MC ill Logic:
Some of my friends have kids already.  It's strange to live in LA and NYC, where people plan on marrying when they're 40.  I would love to have a kid, I'm just not so sure about marriage.  

Anyway, congrats!  You have a mixed doubles team now.

Marrying at 40 and having kids seems late to me too, but I guess i grew up in a different area.

Marriage is nice McIll.  We have a lot of fun.  I got lucky as hell and married someone who lets me play as much tennis as I want.  I know guys who get yelled at for getting out to the court more than once a week, so it is all they get to play, sad...

I am anxious to get our daughter to the courts this summer, fun!


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