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Props wants to see Andy naked. I don't blame him. Andy's quite hot even for straighties.  :)~

Andy looks as if he owns the yacht and invited his dear friend Nole but Nole didn't have anything nice to wear so he ran to GAP and bought that hideous colour shirt and a pair of jeans.  And now he's too overwhelmed by the presence of my Greek God.

Sooyeee, Alex. I still luv u.  :innocent:

How remarkable it must feel to Novak and Andy that they have been friends and rivals from their early teens, on the neutral, far-away, Spanish clay courts?? Whatever success each of this duo achieves, they will always remember their origins and respect each other that much more..
How poetic is it that Murray's first Grand Slam must come at the expense of Djokovic, the top player in the world and long-time friend??

Very well said, Props and very touching. Did you know that I always, always, always knew Andy's first Slam would be against Nole? Yes, it was very poetic and beautiful. This is a very meaningful friendship. There's love, respect, understanding...all those elements a true friendship requires. They always look so very happy together. Nole's body language is beautiful when he's around Andy. It always shows how much he loves him. Andy's a bit shy but you can see through his shyness that the feelings are mutual. Just utter lovely. Awww...I think am gonna cry...  :wub:

Novak and Andy seem to share a lot in common as well.. Their humble backgrounds and tough upbringing must have brought them closer together.. In addition to being gifted, they are also nice guys.. Nole is extroverted and Andy a little shy, but they make a fine duo! If these guys can maintain top form over the next few years, tennis fans are in for a bonanza!

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