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gamesˇmanˇship - The use in a sport or game of aggressive, often dubious tactics, such as psychological intimidation or disruption of concentration, to gain an advantage over one's opponent.

Canas seems to be a professional at this.  :;:-|

I think he needs his eyes checked too, maybe it is nerves but he is getting mad at calls that are obviously correct but he thinks not...

I have to say though, he is good at creating shots when Henman is at net.

Anyone know of any other players who seem to use gamesmanship? (Leave Roddick alone...we all know)

Most players.

MC ill Logic:
The WTA seems to have a lot more gamesmanship going on with their suspiciously and predictably timed injury time outs and bathroom breaks.  

Man, Henman really seems to hate Canas.  He tried to hit him once and afterwards he grinned.  After the match, Canas had his hand ready to give Henman a cool, friendly shake.  You know, the type where you clutch your hands and your elbows pointed groundwards.  He was smiling like "that was a great match we played... we left it on the court... no hard feelings..."  And he ended settling for a staid, reserved boring ass brit proper Henman handshake.  Henman is such an ass.

Maria Sharapova does, Serena too. Elena Dementieva.
Maria-grunting whether she admits or not, her father can too.
Serena-She uses injury breaks, she alos has this sick stare. I would not want to be the recipient of.
Elena-Bathroom breaks! Although she may have had a real reason for it.

Every player has something though.Maria came to mind. She seems to stick out.


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