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It has been well over a year since I entered a Quake 2 WOD server and played Deathmatch against other Quakers.  I was once rated #1 in the world at this game, and I saw my favorite server which was once shut down is back up and running.  I am seriously addicted, for about 16 months now I still think about loading it back on my pc and going back in to unload on more victims.  I droll just thinking about it.

I am currently unzipping my Q2 folder and getting ready to launch back into a world that I should have never entered.  I can still run through maps in my head and find weapons and such, and know where I can do the most damage.  Hell yeah x2!  I am ready.

If only I would of torched my back up copy.  Here I go. :)>>>>

;;)  hahaha.

A friend of mine is ranked in the top 5 in my province in Halo/Halo 2 (he plays tennis too).  Mad skillz for sure.


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