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Anyone have any crazy tennis stories?  I have ended up telling a few in recent posts and I would love to hear what you have experienced or heard about!

Back in my high school tennis days, when I was never very good at all, we were playing doubles with kids from another school. I had been spending a lot of time trying to find my service motion. I always practiced stuff in my matches cause I knew I'd never get good at anything good if I didn't. Well I was trying some wacked out service motion where I would snap my wrist and turn my arm over so much that the top of my hand would end up facing my left. (It's ok if you can't picture it). Anyway I threw the ball up and hit it, didn't even see where it went cause I hit it pretty hard and it went in the wrong direction I wanted it to go. The next thing I know the opposing teams guy at the net had collapsed to his knees. Apparently my stray ball was caught by his crotch! I felt bad for that kid. He kept playing tho and they still beat us.

lol, the accidental nut shot eh?

Back in college (1994, I was a freshman) I went out to the court with 3 other guys in the dorm, none of which played tennis.  But I had enough racquets for everyone and I was bored.  Well, you know how guys act in college.  We were all goofing off, they were showing off when girls walked by, but they suck, they were embarressing me.  Anyways, one guy on the other side of the net gets lippy and was saying he could take me down in tennis.  He was joking, but none the less he paid...

I looked at my partner and said "in the nuts".  I took the ball in my hand and crushed it right at him with a slice forhand motion and it smacked him right in the nutz, he fell over hard core.  My partner at the time has never let me forget that.  I talk to him once every month or two and he always reminds me of that.

My high school coach stopped and got a case of beer for us on the way to a match one time.  That was interesting.  We actually won the match.  I only had one, it was Shaeffer Light, which is disgusting.

lol, nice...  I hear they will bring beer to Sunday's match, maybe you should drink up!


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